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10 Origami-Inspired Modern Home Accessories

The Japanese art of folding paper, known as origami, involves complex paper folding techniques which render beautiful paper sculptures. This ancient art form has influenced the design world. I’ve gathered some origami inspired modern home accessories to share. Here are our top 10 origami and folded paper inspired home accessories.

1. Folded Vase
Modern Home Accessories Menu Folded Vase | YLiving
Folded Vase from Menu A/S

The Folded Vase has the delicate look of folded paper, but the durability of ceramic. With geometric lines and a soft matte surface, this vase is full of dimension and texture.

2. Iittala X Issey Miyake Table Flower
Modern Home Accessories Iittala X Issey Miyake | YLiving
Iittala X Issey Miyake Table Flower 6″ Light Grey from Iittala X Issey Miyake

Perfectly pleated, the Iittala X Issey Miyake Table Flower looks like a piece of pretty origami.  The Flower has been folded and creased just so to render a beautiful geometric shape that can be used as  a coaster or trivet.

3. Infinity Wall Clock
Modern Home Accessories Alessi Infinity Wall Clock | YLiving
Infinity Wall Clock from Alessi

The Infinity Wall Clock looks like paper that’s been cut and folded over and under itself in an infinite pattern. Blue hour and minute hands pop off of the white numberless background, which create the perfect contrast of color.

4. Pleated Earthenware Pot
Modern Home Accessories Umbra Earthenware | YLiving
Pleated Earthenware Pot, Set of Two from Umbra

Warm earth tones are offset by bold pleats on Umbra’s Pleated Earthenware Pot. Bring a bit of origami style to your greenery. Available in two sizes these earthenware pots also come in a set of two.

5. Copper Real Good Chair
Modern Home Accessories Blu Dot Copper Real Good Chair | YLiving
Copper Real Good Chair from Blu Dot

Bent and pleated, the Copper Real Good Chair in copper adds a metallic touch. Laser-cute lines fold to create a chair with origami inspiration and are highlighted as it patinas naturally over time.

6. AP Nesting Stool
Modern Home Accessories Lapalma AP Nesting Stool | YLiving
AP Nesting Stool from Lapalma

The elegant curves and folds of the AP Nesting Stool are reminiscent of Japanese origami. Made from a single sheet of bent plywood, you can easily nest multiple stools together.

7. “Bin Bin” Waste Paper Baskets
Modern Home Accessories Ameico Wast Paper Basket | YLiving
“Bin Bin” Waste Paper Baskets By John Brauer, from Essey

While the “Bin Bin” Waste Paper Baskets looks more like a piece of crumpled paper than a piece of origami art, its sweet playfulness cannot be passed up.

8. Origami Bowls
Modern Home Accessories Akmd Origami Bowls | YLiving
Origami Bowls from AKMD

Sharp angles and crisp creases make the Origami Bowls beautifully geometrical in an origami form. Available in both a warm brass and a cool aluminum.

9. Origami Lounge Chair
Modern Home Accessories Thayer Coggin Origami Lounge Chair | YLiving
Origami Lounge Chair By Milo Baughman, from Thayer Coggin

Take a seat in the Origami Lounge Chair. This lounge chair’s shape, lines and geometric presence clearly display the influence of traditional Japanese paper folding.

10. Origami Bench
Modern Home Accessories Fermob Origami Bench | YLiving
Origami Bench By Harald Guggenbichler, from Fermob

Paying homage to origami, the Origami Bench takes it shape from cutting and folding a single sheet of steel. The clean, straight lines and simple look are in line with the basics of this ancient paper art form.

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