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10 Scandinavian Designs for the Dining Room

Bring cool minimalistic style of modern Scandinavian design into your living room with one of our top 10 Scandinavian pieces.

1. Moodi 130 Sideboard

Modern Scandinavian Design |YLiving
Moodi 130 Sideboard from Zweed

A modern take on the classic sideboard from the 1950’s the Moodi 130 Sideboard updates the design with a sleek and minimalistic appearance. Three sliding doors, each in with a different finish in a cool Scandinavian color palette will provide the perfect place to store your fine china.

2. Adaptable Dining Table

Modern Scandinavian Design |YLiving
Adaptable Dining Table from Muuto

The Adaptable Dining Table is an improved version of a  classic Scandinavian wood dining table. This piece of modern Scandinavian design lives up to its name, providing an adaptable surface that’s ready to meet your everyday needs.

3. Neo 92 Chair

Modern Scandinavian Design |YLiving
Neo 92 Chair, Set of 2 from Neo by Skovby

Upholstered for style and ease, surround your dining room table with a few Neo 92 Chairs for modern Nordic style.

4. Barboy Table Trolley

Modern Scandinavian Design |YLiving
Barboy Table Trolley from Verpan

Modern Scandinavian design is all about keeping thing sparse and clean, thus, the Barboy Table Trolley makes for the perfect accessory in the dining room. It’s sleek design slides open to reveal a tier of storage compartments to keep things organized and out of sight.

5. Premium Space Stool

Premium Space Stool, High from Mater
Premium Space Stool, High from Mater

Dubbed a “New Danish Classic”, the Premium Space Stool is designed by the Danish architect duo Space Copenhagen and is made in Denmark. Its neutral design will set the tone for the bringing a touch of modern Scandinavian design to your counter or bar.

6. The New Norm Dinnerware Collection

New Norm Dinnerware Collection Scandinavian dining| YLiving
New Norm Dinnerware Collection

The New Norm Dinnerware Collection, expresses the simplicity and honesty of the Nordic Way. Featuring a soft, Scandinavian color palette, each unique porcelain piece is color-glazed and burned twice for maximum strength.

7. Virka High Sideboard

Modern Scandinavian Design |YLiving
Virka High Sideboard from Woud

The simple design of the Virka High Sideboard from Would brings an elegant and minimal Scandinavian presence to modern dining rooms. It’s double doors effortlessly slide from side to side, giving you easy access to whatever you choose to store inside.

8. Diagonal Dining Table

Modern Scandinavian Design |YLiving
Diagonal Dining Table from Woud

Bring a sense of simplicity and symmetry to your dining room with the Diagonal Dining Table from Woud. Transversely diagonal tubes connect the legs and give the table a unique touch.

9. Gubi 5 Chair, HiRek

Gubi 5 Chair, HiRek from GUBI
Gubi 5 Chair, HiRek from GUBI

An iconic piece of modern Scandinavian design, the simple construction of the Gubi 5 Chair, HiRek is comfortable and stylish.

10. Mategot Trolley

Modern Scandinavian Design |YLiving
Mategot Trolley from GUBI

Whether you’re using it as a bar cart to help roll in the meals for a dinner party, the Mategot Trolley is pure Scandinavian style. Simple and minimal, its geometric structure features two levels for loading and serving a satisfying meal.

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