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Top 8 House Hunters Phrases Spoken in Every Episode

My friend Amy  asked the following question on Facebook the other day, “What are some House Hunters phrases spoken in every episode?” It made me laugh, cry, and immediately want to binge watch a House Hunters marathon on HGTV while writing down all my favorite repeated phrases. 


Now if you’ve never seen the show, you either don’t have cable, or you just haven’t opened yourself up to the addicting concept that is watching seemingly scripted people search for a house. Either way, here are our top 8 House Hunters phrases:

“Light and Airy”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
Jane Bi-Sectional from Gus* Modern

Apparently, everyone on this show is looking for the “light and airy” space, with huge windows filtering in that south facing light. Sure, I’m all about an abundance of natural light, but there has to be more than one way of saying it!

“I really wanted granite counters…”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
Graph Stool from Gus* Modern

Oh don’t we all! You might as well couple this one with “upgraded amenities…” and “Oh honey, there are stainless steel appliances.”

“talking to guests while cooking”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
Hauteville Stool from Lyon Beton

Yes, because  that’s exactly what we all think when we walk into a kitchen, to have my guests sit in Hauteville Stools while I’m playing the role of Barefoot Contessa. Why not, I’m feeding growing kids 24/7, at this point I might as well open a diner. Speaking of entertaining…

“great for entertaining”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
Basil Chair from Calligaris

So they’re all looking for a space to entertain. But how much entertaining to any of us really do? We entertain the idea of entertaining and that’s enough to need a space capable of entertaining in, for when you someday decide to make real plans to, you know, entertain. Okay let’s make a deal… 2016 is the year we all entertain our hearts out.

“is this the bathroom?”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
Affetto Wall-Hung Basin from Ceramica Globo

As if it were acceptable for the toilet and bathtub to be located in any other room in the house. Really?

“I can just see myself…”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
Medici Chair, Outdoor from Mattiazzi

Phrases like this are usually followed up by “drinking coffee on the balcony.” Hey I can imagine myself drinking a cup of coffee on any balcony too, preferably in Costa Rica, or sitting in that Medici Chair in the middle of the woods.

“this is a great space”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
Evelyn Bed, Queen from Calligaris

Who calls the rooms in their house spaces? I do. At least here I do. And this is usually spoken in reference to the master bedroom as they poke their heads into, fingers crossed, a walk-in closet, which then undoubtedly results in the husband making a comment about the lack of closet space as his wife wrinkles her nose. No joke, every time.

“man cave”

House Hunters Phrases |YLiving
RS#3 Foosball Table from RS Barcelona

Sure, we may be supporters of the man cave here on YLiving, but seriously? If there’s room for a Foosball Table, like this one from RS Barcelona, you might as well call it the wocavé. Forget the she shed idea that been floating around the internets. How about I get the wocavé and you get the shed honey-bun?

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Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

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