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On Trend: The Laser Cut Look

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  • Fall Living Event

Once only used in industrial applications, laser cut patterns and inspired cut-out designs are turning up everywhere from modern furniture to fashion. The look is delicate, fresh and often finished with a bright coat of paint.

Though the designs are delicate, the process to create them is anything but. True laser cut patterns are created by directing the output of a high-power laser (with the assistance of a computer) at the material to be cut. The material is then melted, burned, vaporized, or blown away by a jet of gas. Through this process, intricate patterns are created out of strong materials to create an illusion of lightness.

This roundup of intricate modern furniture designs with the laser cut looks, has someĀ of our favorite pieces for throughout the home.


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Torrey Crell

Torrey is a Merchandiser on the YLiving team whose affinity for online shopping pairs well with her years of experience in the ecommerce industry. Appropriately obsessed with fine home furnishings, her San Francisco apartment is curated with several mid-century styles. As a design enthusiast and a non-believer in diets, she loves few things more than an impressive gallery wall or solid breakfast sandwich.