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Vita Lighting: Thoughtfully Designed Beautiful Lighting

Vita Lighting makes not just beautiful lighting, but thoughtfully designed beautiful lighting. From the shipping packaging to the manufacturing materials, Vita Lighting has created eco-friendly modern lighting that is also affordable.

Clava Dine Pendant Light by Vita Lighting


Carmina Pendant Light by Vita Lighting


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Lora Pendant Light by Vita Lighting

Let’s start with how these pretty lights get to your house.

Eos Pendant Light Unpacked
Eos Pendant Light unboxed

Vita uses flat-pack shipping practices that help reduce their environmental impact. Perhaps some big box store comes to mind when I say that, but those just don’t compare to the magnificent matte black and white package design from Vita.

Eos Table Lamp | YLighting
Eos Tripod Table Lamp

What flat-packing means for you is that while there is some assembly required, these sleek boxes produce less shipping material waste. Sleek boxes = more boxes per square inch in a  shipping container = lower shipping cost per item = lower environmental impact = savings for you. Vita Lighting is able to offer a lower price point for their beautiful lighting because of their eco-friendly shipping methods.

With pendants starting at $99 and table lamps at $149, I am very impressed with the high quality and superior design available at this affordable price point.

Now lets look at the lights themselves.

Eos Table Lamp | YLighting
Eos Table Lamp

The iconic Eos is an amazing collection by Vita that has me dreaming of clouds. Made with goose feathers, it feels light and luxurious. “But what about those poor naked geese!” you cry.

Eos light feather close up | YLighting
Eos light feathers close up

Fear not my fellow animal lovers, these are recycled goose feathers. All of the feathers used to make these fixtures are a natural by-product of the food industry. Goose feathers that would otherwise have been incinerated are sanitized and transformed to create these beautiful light shades.

Another way these lights are eco-friendly is in their versatility. One lamp shade can be a pendant, table lamp, or floor lamp. By purchasing one shade you could potentially have 3 different lights.

Eos Pendant, Table Lamp, and Floor Lamp | YLighting
Eos Pendant, Table Lamp, and Floor Lamp

Eco-friendly? CHECK!

Affordable? CHECK!

Beautiful? CHECK!

What are you doing still reading this article? Go get yourself a light from Vita Lighting.

Chanel Cartier

Chanel Cartier

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