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Warming up to Modern Design

The clean lines of modernism can be considered sparse and cold. But modern design is warming up to an inviting new look. If you’ve shied away from the classic modern thinking its too harsh and sparse, here are five ways to get the new take on modern design.

Modern |YLiving
Oslo Sofa from Alf DaFre

Try Deep Shades of Color

And no, we’re not talking black here folks. Think elegant hues of deep blues, greens, warm ambers, browns, charcoals and even a deep reds. The duskier and sultrier the better. Layering a few hues together is what really takes modern from stark to warm, like this room above. The charcoal walls are offset by toasty browns and warm glowing metals, and speaking of which…

Modern Design |YLiving
Dome Medium Pendant Light from SEED Design

Incorporate Glowing Metals

Say goodbye to chrome and stainless steel, and hello to warm glowing metals. Honeyed brass and antiqued copper heat up the cool look of modern design, not to mention it adds a touch of glamour to any modern space.

Modern Living |YLiving
Castle Cone Pendant Light from SEED Design

Add Natural Touches

The classic sleek and shiny of modern is being offset by organic textures. Natural wood, stones, concrete, and timber are all heading into the modern space with elegance and ease. Touches of wood on the ceiling, bar, and chairs, along with the concrete styled pendants all help to balance this space.

Modern Design |YLiving
Kinoki Chair + Kinoki Table from Lago

Accent with Rustic Elements

Rustic elements and well-worn accents are also take the edge off the stark modern style. Incorporating accents with an aged feel, like reclaimed woods and broken in leather, soften the linear silhouettes of modern design. This room is warmly rustic yet remains light and modern.

Modern Design |YLiving
Dome Medium Pendant Light from SEED Design

Layer it All Together

If you haven’t warmed up to modern by now then maybe seeing this new take come together will. Layering dark colors, with warm accents of glowing metallic, and a touch of rustic creates a modern room that exudes an inviting, well designed space.

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