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Why So Serious?

Design (with a capital “D”) can take itself pretty seriously, and for good reason I think. But there comes a point when ideological minimalism and glass castles (sometimes cube-shaped) can come off a bit, um, rigid (the cutting meme’s of Unhappy Hipsters comes to mind). So then, might I suggest we introduce a little humor to our spaces? Check out some of our favorite quirky and modern furniture.

Gnomes from Kartell | YLiving
Gnomes By Philippe Starck, from Kartell

A strategic injection of tongue-in-cheek décor can conceptually “warm up” any space, and let guests know (and perhaps remind yourself) that life is fun. It might make you smile, and it might even make you laugh (which I’m told is a healthy thing to do).

Do Hit Chair from Droog | YLiving
Do Hit Chair By Marijn van der Poll, from Droog

School dropout Philippe Starck, perhaps the most famous class clown in the new school of (capital “D”) Design, is unapologetic in his view that “Design without humor is not human”. So in defense of humanity, I offer some of my favorite and completely hilarious designs for your home.

Cow Sending Animals Wooden Furniture | YLiving
Cow Sending Animals Wooden Furniture By Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, from Seletti

Put the fun back in function with a cow-meets-shipping-crate that can also hold your dishware, or let designer Harry Allen hold your keys (or soap, or coat) on a marble mold of his own hand jetting out from the side of the wall.

Hand Hook Group from Areaware | YLiving
Hand Hook Collection By Harry Allen, from Areaware

Heavy hitting brands in the “fun” category are Established & Sons (who make the drool-worthy WrongWoods Series), Flos Lighting, Moooi, Areaware, Seletti, Kartell, and Droog (who borders on performance art).

Rabbit Table Lamp and Blow Away Vase By Front, from Moooi | YLiving
Rabbit Table Lamp and Blow Away Vase By Front, from Moooi

Performance art you say? Yes, indeed, the interactive Do Hit Chair By Marijn van der Poll is included in the collection at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Fransisco. And that’s no laughing matter.

Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson was a customer before joining the team at YLiving. A marketer and designer-at-core, Colin is passionate about simplicity, innovation, and quality. In time, Colin hopes to retire to the Napa Valley with his wife to make furniture and rescue dogs.

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