bObles' furniture features not only striking design objects in bright colors and geometric shapes--the product line also gives children a unique opportunity to develop their motor function and understanding of their own body, while playing and using their imagination.The Chicken can be placed on its wide/narrow surface or be turned upside down. When placed on its back, children can use its rocking function. For the very small child just learning to toddle, laying on the Chicken and feeling its rocking motion challenges early balancing skills. First the child can sit on the Chicken--and later stand and walk on it. When used as a step stone, the foam surface is non-slip. And simply standing on the foam form will also place a demand on the musculature/stability of the foot.
  • L 10.2" H 4.3" D 9.4"
Produced in a firm foam with a soft surface, very easy to clean under the shower or with a damp cloth. Tumbling Animals are tested especially for children and are free of any toxin or phthalates.
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