bObles' furniture features not only striking design objects in bright colors and geometric shapes--the product line also gives children a unique opportunity to develop their motor function and understanding of their own body, while playing and using their imagination.Evaluated by Danish Physiologist Louise Haervig as ? well thought out that if you had to buy one piece of furniture for your child, you would have to buy this!? The Elephant works as a back rest when a small child sits in the curve between the legs. It has a rocking function to challenge and stimulate a child while sitting. Later on, the child can stand on top of the Elephant's feet, challenging standing balance. And, as a purely functional piece, it is a great chair/stool to sit on--both for children and their parents.
  • L 21.5" H 12.2" D 9.4"
Produced in a firm foam with a soft surface, very easy to clean under the shower or with a damp cloth. Tumbling Animals are tested especially for children and are free of any toxin or phthalates.
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