bObles' furniture features not only striking design objects in bright colors and geometric shapes — the product line also gives children a unique opportunity to develop their motor function and understanding of their own body, while playing and using their imagination.

The Fish is available in two sizes and can be stacked. The 3-layer is for the child who has just learned to sit. Use it to roll, rock or chase. This smaller version also lies down so the child can sit — and later stand on it to take steps up and down from it, enhancing strength, balance and coordination.

The 6-layer is for the older child. And once you stack them, they fit teenagers and grown-ups. It features all the same good functions as the smaller version, but it also enables the child to sit on it while rolling it, which enhances not only balance, but also the joint senses. Children can lie across the Fish to strengthen the backside of their bodies and can exercise their arms through the pressure from their own body weight.

  • Small: Dia 11.8" D 4.7"
  • Large: Dia 11.8" D 9.4"
Produced in a firm foam with a soft surface, very easy to clean under the shower or with a damp cloth. Tumbling Animals are tested especially for children and are free of any toxin or phthalates.
Item Number
001-05-12 001-05-24