Handmade in New Zealand by Bowron Sheepskins.

Classic, natural-shaped Long Wooled Natural Sheepskin Rugs add texture and "sink your toes in" softness wherever you need a little touch of luxury. The long wooled ivory genuine sheepskin rug from Bowron Sheepskins is available in various sizes, from a single piece up to the room-size Octo.

Bowron Sheepskins uses 100% genuine natural sheepskins which are meticulously cut, matched and stitched by skilled craftspeople to create luxurious lambskin rugs. Sourced from the finest New Zealand and Australian flocks, Bowron Sheepskins are by-products of the production of meat — a sustainable, natural resource.

  • Single: 2 Ft. X 3 Ft. 5 In.
  • 1.5: 2 Ft. X 4 Ft. 3 In.
  • Double: 2 Ft. X 6 Ft.
  • Quatro: 3 Ft. 7 In. X 6 Ft.
  • Sexto: 5 Ft. 4 In. X 6 Ft.
  • Octo: 7 Ft. X 5 Ft. 11 In.
100% Sheepskin
Avoid placement in direct sunlight.
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