Brand Spotlight: Makro

Innovative Italian design meets simple installation.

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About the Brand
With a particular interest in innovative design that is simple to install, Makro has become the leading supplier of design driven bath products. This Italian company was founded in the 1990's in an effort to supply top-of-the-line vanities, bathtubs, and shower bases that cater to the requirements and restrictions of building sites. Their modular and pre-configured bathroom solutions enable you to mix and match products for the exact configuration you need.

The Unclad Bathtub

Simple installation with unlimited possibilities.

This specially insulated bathtub comes with an unfinished exterior that can be easily integrated into any bathroom design.

  • Apply any standard bathtub finishing material, such as tile (shown on the right), ceramic, mosaic, porcelain stoneware, marble, wood, glass, solid surface materials, or metals, to the exterior of the tub
  • Arrives ready to install. The high-quality acrylic bathtub body is embedded in an EPS (expanded polystyrene) structure that allows for installation straight out of the box
  • The EPS provides excellent thermo- and noise-insulation, which prevents the water from cooling more than 1° every 20 minutes

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The Pre-Clad Bathtub

Available fully-finished.

The fully-finished bathtubs by Makro come in a variety of sizes, materials, and installation options that will fit your design needs. Simply line up with your floor drain, make sure it's level, and fix to the floor for an instant bathroom upgrade.

  • Freestanding, corner, short-wall, or long-wall installation options available
  • Options for built-in shelving allow for a perfectly organized bath space
  • Made from reliable materials such as Corian, Makril, and glass that resist discoloration and deterioration associated with everyday use
  • Equipped with the EPS structure that provides excellent thermo-insulation, preventing the water from cooling more than 1° every 20 minutes
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The Slatted Shower Base + Tray

Transition seamlessly into your shower with these flush-mount bases.

Modernize your shower with Makro's flush-installed shower bases. The slatted design allows water to flow down to the steel base below with ease, ensuring water will never pool at your feet.

  • Steel shower base sits recessed into the floor while the slats are fitted on top
  • Slats come in either thermo-treated wood, that undergo a process which smokes the planks of wood at a controlled temperature to stabilize the characteristics and color, or Corian®, a non-porous solid surface.
  • The curb-less design works well in houses with ADA needs
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The Slim Vanity

Premium construction meets space-spacing design.

The narrow form of the Makro vanity allows it to fit easily into bathrooms of any size. The Light30 and Modulo30 collections offer different sink options to meet your design needs; pair with a modern faucet of your choosing.

  • Constructed from thermo-treated wood that undergoes a process which smokes the planks of wood at a controlled temperature to stabilize the characteristics and color, or Corian®, a non-porous solid surface.
  • Integrated trough-style or built-in sink options
  • Wood finishes correspond with other wooden Makro products
  • Sinks made from Corian® or Makril, Makro's proprietary solid surface material
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Steel Bathroom Accessories

Build your modern bath with accessories to match.

Sleek design and steel construction combine to form the Makro bathroom accessories. These durable pieces are resistant to rust and corrosion from daily use in moist locations.

  • Offered in a timeless black or white finish
  • Wall-mounted products come with everything needed for a simple installation process
  • Geometric form exudes modern appeal
  • Freestanding options require no installation
  • Accessories are specifically designed to work harmoniously with Makro bathtubs, vanities, and sinks
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Customize Your Bathroom

Cutting edge bathroom concepts to fit your every need.

Makro wants you to have the bathroom of your dreams. If these pre-configured options are not to your taste, they will take the dimensions of your space and make a custom setup specifically for you.

  • Create your own completely custom bathroom with the help of Makro's scaled computer drawings and product configuration technology
  • Select the colors, materials, and layout that works best for your bathroom
  • For more information about Makro's cutting edge bathroom designs and custom bathroom options please call 866-842-6208.

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