Brand Spotlight: Moooi

The innovative design brand expands its furnishings line

It's hard to believe that the partnership between Casper Vissers, CEO and founder of the innovative lighting and furnishings brand Moooi, and creative wunderkind Marcel Wanders began just 12 years ago, with the immediately iconic Random Light. For modern design connoisseurs, the brand that means beautiful in Dutch (with an extra "o" for emphasis) has quickly become part of the collective design lexicon. Perhaps that's because, as Vissers says, "a Moooi piece makes an environment more special, more turbulent, more beautiful. Moooi is about the unexpected welcome."

To make our living spaces yet more inspiring, Moooi is now focusing additional attention on furnishings that, true to its brand, outlasts market trends and fads. This broader furnishings perspective was launched at the 2013 Salone di Mobile in Milan, during which the company took over a 17,000-square-foot hall to showcase its products. Vissers believed Moooi had enough lighting and distinctive pieces to fill the space, but he also recognized the concept required some rounding out. "Moooi has always emphasized designers and products, but after 12 years, we finally had enough of an assortment to present our products together in a home setting - to show how a person or family could be one with their interior, " he says. "To do this, we needed more furniture. "

Vissers and Wanders play different, but overlapping roles in the company ("Marcel is a designer with business skill, and I am a business man with an eye for design and product, " Vissers explains) and have a pact that they must both love a new product before taking it to market. As a starting point for the shift into creating additional furniture, the two spent a lot of time thinking about the palette—what they loved and what the market was lacking. "We wanted to show our clients more color, and the concept of a patchwork of color was a great way to express this," says Vissers. Indeed, Moooi's new Patchwork series, which comprises a cabinet, cupboard, screen, and other accessories, is the furnishings equivalent of a 1960's color block frock. Vibrant yellows, greens, reds, and blues appear side by side on wood panels in a way that's unique and unexpected, but somehow still muted and highly functional.

Paper Cupboard Patchwork

The graphic Labyrinth Chair in a maze of green and white livens up a room, but could take its place beside a family heirloom. The Common Comrades series of red-lacquer side tables and chairs nod to the ancient Asian aesthetic with a cool, modern twist. “These designs are the essence of Moooi,” Vissers explains. “They are outstanding, unexpected. But they are also warm and welcoming.” Though Vissers is gratified by the response the new products have enjoyed with such retailers as YLighting, he’s even more proud of the ongoing relationships his company has forged. “YLighting is a hero in selling good design, and we are happy that they have adopted Moooi's products,” he says. “But a big seller is not the goal, a good partnership is.”

-Heidi Mitchell

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