Made in Italy by Cattelan Italia.

The Jerez Dining Table is a study in smooth profiles and architectural lineation. The simple design of the table harmonizes seamlessly with modern and minimalist surroundings, and can reflect the best parts of your interiors without need for ornamentation or embellishment. The 15 mm clear glass top sits on the steel base, which is accented and warmed up with a Canaletto Walnut wood center beam. The table's strong horizontal and vertical axes make it a great anchoring table for any dining space.

Product Features:

  • Steel base with central beam in Canaletto walnut
  • Table top in 15mm clear glass
  • Top is laid on base

  • 79" W X 39" D X 30" H
  • 59" W X 59" D X 30" H
  • 63" W X 63" D X 30" H
  • 71" W X 71" D X 30" H
  • 94" W X 39" D X 30" H
  • 94" W X 47" D X 30" H
  • 118" W X 39" D X 30" H
  • 118" W X 47" D X 30" H
Steel, Canaletto walnut, glass
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