Designed by Giorgio Cattelan.
By Cattelan Italia.

Make the Levante Coffee Table the center of attention within your living space. The table's play with shapes and materials makes it a work of art unto itself with a glass surface, a travertine sphere, and a metal angle. When placed together, the elements effortlessly find a balance between one another in order to create a harmonious and exquisite coffee table. Furnish your space with a coffee table that serves as a work of art.

  • 63"W X 35"D X 14"H
  • 72"W X 35"D X 14"H
  • 79"W X 81"D X 14"H
Glass, travertine, metal
Special orders can be placed for the table in Oval and Square at no additional charge. Please contact our Sales Department at (800)236-9100 for more information.
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