Made in Italy by Cattelan Italia.

Inspired by the voluptuous curves of a surfboard and the graceful posture of the surfer, the Reef Table is a unique contemporary piece that will bring a wave of elegance to any modern dining space. Its elegant beauty is so infectiously universal that it will make a bold fashion statement even in office environments. The table top comes in MDF with your choice of shape and size. Adding to the chic factor is the table's striking trumpet-style Cristalplant base in a beautiful slanted position.

Cristalplant is a rock-hard natural-based, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fire-proof material that's made in Italy through advanced technologies and is used for making decorative items and furniture.

  • Oval: 94" W X 47" D X 30" H
  • Oval: 114" W X 51" D X 30" H
  • Round: 55" Dia X 30" H
  • Round: 63" Dia X 30" H
Cristalplant, MDF, marble
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