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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

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Design by Benjamin Cherner.
Made in the U.S.A. by The Cherner Chair Company.

Inspired by Norman Cherner's classic design, this child-size chair is made with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as the full-size version, but with a unique shape and proportion for children — built to hand down from one generation to another. The graceful, yet durable ⅝" cross-ply molded birch plywood shell, with laminated birch legs, is available in a variety of finish combinations.

The Cherner Chair Company is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process in a number of ways, including using finishes that don't pollute the air. A completely water-based veneer finishing system is used on all Cherner products yielding greater color consistency and fewer VOCs. The Cherner Children's Chair, as well as all Cherner products, is manufactured with attention to detail and hand assembled from woods collected from sustainably managed forests.

  • 12-Inch Seat Height: 15"W X 16.5"D X 23"H
  • 15-Inch Seat Height: 16"W X 16.5"D X 26"H
Exposed laminated wood legs with 9-ply molded plywood shell, birch core with birch or walnut face veneer
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