• Made in USA

Design by Emilia Borgthorsdottir, 2011.
By Coalesse.

Simple, yet engaging — solid, yet open. Sebastopol redefines the occasional table with its angular attitude. It moves easily and invites interaction. Pull it closer to make it your own, or push several together to create a generous centerpiece for groups. Put handbags and books inside. Wherever it lands, Sebastopol ignores convention, like a puzzle solved.

The surprising interior gloss of the Sebastopol Large Low Table either contrasts or converges with your exterior veneer choice. Combine in multiples or with the Sebastopol Small Low Table for random acts of arrangement. Adjustable glides for leveling allow for easy reconfiguration.

  • 41" W X 18" D X 16" H
Oak or walnut veneer, laminate
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