A solid rectangular ceramic top, thick aluminum frame, and extension system make the Gate Ceramic Top Extending Table a polished dining table. An extremely practical and simple guided extension system is concealed in the frame, making this table suitable for small and large dinner parties. By pulling out the frame, the two legs slide to one side allowing the extension leaf (mounted on metal guides) to lift, twist into position and line up with the top with a simple movement. With legs that remain at the corners before and after the extension, the Gate Ceramic Top Extending Table offers maximum comfort at all times.

  • 70.9" W X 39.4" D X 29.6" H
  • Extended Width: 94.5"
  • Product Weight: 245.4 lbs.
Metal base, ceramic top
Item Number
CB/4088-MV 180_P133_P05_P05 CB/4088-MV 180_P133_P74_P77 CB/4088-MV 180_P166_P05_P05 CB/4088-MV 180_P166_P74_P77 CB/4088-MV 180_P321_P05_P05 CB/4088-MV 180_P321_P74_P77