Made by Cosmic.
Designed in Barcelona, Spain.

The B-Smart 2 Drawer Cabinet with Washbasin instantly upgrades the modern appeal of any bathroom. With customizable sizes, colors, and materials, this product is ideally suited to blend seamlessly with any established design motif. Its high quality construction and cutting edge Spanish design ensure this vanity has both functional and stylish timelessness.

Product Features:

  • White shelf in stock only, blue and grey shelves are not in stock
  • Includes 2 drawers in either Ash or Oak and 1 shelf
  • Comes with 1 basket with cover, 1 container with cover, and 1 towel rack the same color as the shelf metal
  • Possibility of 24", 31.9", or 39.8" wide units
  • Equipped with lateral shelf
  • Practical solutions for reduced space, achieving balance
  • Widened washbasin unit
  • Small: 24" W X 18.1" D X 25.6" H
  • Medium: 31.9" W X 18.1" D X 25.6" H
  • Large: 39.8" W X 18.1" D X 25.6" H
Melamine, steel, resin or Vitreous China
Item Number
B080206011926US B080206011928US B080206011929US B080206011936US B080206011938US B080206011939US B080206111926US B080206111928US B080206111929US B080206111936US B080206111938US B080206111939US B080208011926US B080208011928US B080208011929US B080208011936US B080208011938US B080208011939US B080208111926US B080208111928US B080208111929US B080208111936US B080208111938US B080208111939US B080210011926US B080210011928US B080210011929US B080210011936US B080210011938US B080210011939US B080210111926US B080210111928US B080210111929US B080210111936US B080210111938US B080210111939US