Design by Jen Juul Eilersen.

Made in Denmark by Eilersen.

Inspired by the silkworm's pupa stage, the Cocoon Sofa provides 100% individual and flexible levels of comfort in your home. The Cocoon Sofa comes with cushions of all sizes and shapes such as the following: triangular cushions, lumbar bolsters, main cushions, armrests and neck bolsters. With Eilersen's down top feature, the Cocoon Sofa seat offers the best of both worlds which is soft and firmness all in one! Enjoy the Cocoon Sofa in your home.

  • 110.75" W X 41.75"D X 28.75" H
  • Sofa Seat Depth: 41.75
  • Seat Height: 14.75"
  • Arm Height: 28.75"
Foam filled with 100% duck down and fine feather, chemically bonded cotton, precision machined solid wood
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