Design by Kristian Illum Wikkelso.

Made in Denmark by Eilersen.

Eilersen's IW3 Rocking Chair is celebrating their 120th Anniversary. Spray coated in a variety of colors, made of beech wood or oak and comes with armrest. IW3 Rocking Chair has passed the test after standards of strength, durability, safety requirements and stability. This rocking chair is a simple design that compliments and matches any interior table, sofa or room. Celebrate with Eilersen and enjoy the comfort of what the IW3 Rocking Chair has to offer.

  • 20.75"W X 28.5"D X 33.5"H
  • Seat Height: 13-17"
Spray coated colors of graphic shades between white and black and matte pastels
Item Number
97010053072 97020053072 97016053072 97014053072 97002053072 97400053052