The latest Fatboy® (PRODUCT)RED® Special Edition Waynecooler is the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite host. Made of a high quality, long wearing polyester fabric, the Waynecooler will keep your bottle insulated - either hot or cold. Plus, with each purchase of the Fatboy® (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Waynecooler, you are helping take us one step further in our goal of an AIDS FREE GENERATION by 2015.

Fatboy® USA contributes 10% of the purchase price from every (FATBOY)RED purchase to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

  • 4.5" Dia X 11.8" H
Fabric treated with a PVC coating to make it water resistant and stain resistant. Fatboy® can be surface cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. Fatboy® products are guaranteed for one year. There is no guarantee for normal wear and tear, or variance in color.
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