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Designed by Oki Sato, from Nendo Studio.

Made in India by Gandia Blasco.

The Aram Low Coffee Table, designed by Oki Sato was inspired by everyday life and its small essentials. Each Aram Low Coffee Table is made using a traditional Indian technique, consisting of wrapping and weaving wire around a metal frame by hand. Avaiable in assorted colors and made of stainless steel. Perfect paring with the Aram High Coffee Table. Enjoy the Aram Low Coffee Table in the comfort of your home.

  • 28"W X 28"D X 13"H
thermo-lacquered stainless steel wire
Item Number
01ARM1350363NE134 01ARM1350363NE015 01ARM1350363NE133 01ARM1350363NE008 01ARM1350363NE037 01ARM1350363NE097