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Made in Europe by GRAFF. A part of the Aqua-Sense Collection. The Aqua-Sense Round Diverter Trim is a sleek and solidly constructed shower trim that will not go out of style. This simple-to-use diverter trim comes with the option of 3 different handle types, enabling you to select the perfect fit for your master bathroom.
  • 3.125" Dia X 5.187" D X 4.062" H
Solid Brass
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
G-8063-LM42S-PC-T G-8063-LM42S-SN-T G-8063-LM42S-BK-T G-8063-LM42S-WT-T G-8063-LM42S-OB-T G-8063-LM42S-PN-T G-8063-LM37S-PC-T G-8063-LM37S-SN-T G-8063-LM37S-BK-T G-8063-LM37S-WT-T G-8063-LM37S-OB-T G-8063-LM37S-PN-T G-8063-LM24S-PC-T G-8063-LM24S-SN-T G-8063-LM24S-BK-T G-8063-LM24S-WT-T G-8063-LM24S-OB-T G-8063-LM24S-PN-T