• Ships to Canada

Made in Europe by GRAFF.

The Pressure Balancing Valve Trim with Handle and Diverter is a sleek and solidly constructed shower trim that will not go out of style. This simple-to-use pressure balance trim comes with the option of 8 different handle types, enabling you to select the perfect fit for your master bathroom.

Product Features:

  • Single metal lever handle
  • Decorative trim plate
  • Allows users to control the temperature and desired water flow from a single handle in showers
  • Requires the Concealed Pressure Balancing Valve Rough for functionality
  • Available with 8 different handle options
  • Handle/Collection compatibility:
    • Choose handle C10S for the Fontaine Collection
    • Choose handle C14S for the Targa, Sade, and Luna Collections
    • Choose handle C9S or LM40S for the Immersion Collection
    • Choose handle LM23S for the Stealth Collection
    • Choose handle LM31S for the Structure and Solar Collections
    • Choose handle LM38S for the Qubic Collection
    • Choose handle LM39S for the Qubic Tre Collection

  • 5.875" W X 5.875" D X 5.875" H
  • Max Deck Thickness: 2.25"
  • Min Deck Thickness: 1.437"
Solid Brass
Item Number
G-7090-C10S-PC-T G-7090-C14S-PC-T G-7090-C9S-PC-T G-7090-LM23S-PC-T G-7090-LM31S-PC-T G-7090-LM38S-PC-T G-7090-LM39S-PC-T G-7090-LM40S-PC-T G-7090-C10S-SN-T G-7090-C14S-SN-T G-7090-C9S-SN-T G-7090-LM23S-SN-T G-7090-LM31S-SN-T G-7090-LM38S-SN-T G-7090-LM39S-SN-T G-7090-LM40S-SN-T