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All Herman Millers chairs offer adjustment options to fit your size and the way you work. With ergonomic design considerations, you'll find the right chair to promote proper alignment and provide great support. And finally, Herman Miller chairs are built to be earth friendly: made with recycled materials that are durable, breathable and recyclable.
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Mirra® 2

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Setu by Herman Miller



Basic Posture Fit Basic Fully Adjustable Basic Adjustable 4-Star, Glides 5-Star, Casters  

Base Price

$689.00 $899.00 $599.00 $759.00 $459.00 $509.00 $529.00 $559.00 $1109.00

Bottom Line

The Classic. Revolutionary when it was introduced in 1994, this chair kick-started the way we sit and remains more than relevant in today's modern workspace. Aeron's pioneering ergonomic design is one of the most recognizable office chairs on the market. It has a classic aesthetic and a classic color palette of neutral, metal-inspired colors. And it's available in three different frame sizes that differ in dimension, seating surface tension and tilt tension to optimally fit the broadest range of users. So you can pick the size that is just right and then customize the fit and support features from there. The Evolved. Mirra 2 reinvents the original Mirra Chair in a leaner, lighter design built to support you wherever you go. The breakthrough Butterfly Back™, reinvented Harmonic™ Tilt and refreshed seating and back materials conform to the user and are collectively so responsive they support even the slightest movement. Mirra 2 is offered in one size, but with a few easy-to-use manual adjustments users can fine-tune the fit and feel, in Armless, Fixed Arm or Adjustable Arm models. Engineered for the modern workspace, this is a great chair for interacting with today's dynamic users and technologies. In a range of slick modern colors, your toughest decision comes down to agreeing on which color to choose. The Graduate. The SAYL Workchair delivers superior comfort and a cutting edge, eco-friendly design at an attainable price. Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, designer Yves Behar created SAYL with a frameless back, using a Y-Tower support structure that mirrors the principles of the suspension bridge. With no rigid frame edges, it avoids pinches and pain points, while its 3D Intelligent back material flexes, supports and keeps you cool. And SAYL is produced using as few materials as possible, so it's extremely easy on the environment (and your wallet). Offered in a range of color basics, this smart chair sets a new reference point in its class for performance, aesthetics, quality and sustainability. The Generalist. This low-mid priced work chair features a fluid, modern appearance which requires virtually no adjustment. Its innovative Kinematic spine flexes with every move and elastomeric seating conforms to the sitter's contours, so it adjusts to whomever is using the chair. Setu is designed to fit all shapes and sizes, all spaces and places and is well suited to spaces which will see multiple users, like a conference room, home office or workstation hotspot. The Ultimate. Herman Miller's Embody chair offers unparalleled ergonomic fit and comfort. Embody epitomizes luxury in its aesthetics, technical sophistication, and ergonomics. This investment chair enables and promotes healthful movement with its leading-edge advancements in ergonomics. To name a few: the layered, pixelated back support creates a dynamic surface to accommodate even passive movements and its frameless design eliminates pressure points. Aesthetically, this chair is a stunning form offered in 16 colors across two different patterned textiles. If you love to be on the leading edge of technology and design, this is your chair.

Frame Adjustments

Sizing Options 3 Sizes 3 Sizes One Size One Size One Size One Size One Size One Size One Size
Available Without Arms No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Arm Height No Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes
Adjustable Seat Height Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
(2 ranges)
(3 ranges)

Fine Adjustments

Adjustable Seat Depth No No No Yes No No No No Yes
Forward Tilt/Tilt Limiter No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Seat Tilt Tension Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

additional support

Lumbar Support No No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Sacral Support No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes


Frame Finishes Black, Titanium, Polished Alum ($) Black, Titanium, Polished Alum ($) Graphite, Fog ($), Semi-Polished ($) Graphite, Fog ($), Semi-Polished ($) Black, Fog Black Graphite($), Java ($), Chino ($), Slate ($) Graphite($), Java ($), Chino ($), Slate ($) Black, Polished Alum ($)
Seat/back Colors Carbon, Zinc Carbon, Zinc 8 Colors 8 Colors Black, Shale, Tomato Black, Bark, Graphite 9 Colors 9 Colors 16 Colors in 2 Fabrics
Seat/back Materials Pellicle Pellicle Latitude/AireWeave, Triflex Polymer Latitude/AireWeave, Triflex Polymer Y-Tower 3D Intelligent Y-Tower 3D Intelligent Lyris Lyris Pixelated
Eco-Friendly 65% Recycled Content
94% Recyclable
65% Recycled Content
94% Recyclable
46% Recycled Content
93% Recyclable
46% Recycled Content
93% Recyclable
10% Recycled Content
93% Recyclable
10% Recycled Content
93% Recyclable
44% Recycled Content
93% Recyclable
44% Recycled Content
93% Recyclable
42% Recycled Content
95% Recyclable