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Design by Charles & Ray Eames, 1953.
By Herman Miller.

The Eames Hang-It-All takes the everyday coat rack and blends it with color, playfulness and modern aesthetics to create a truly distinct home accessory. Although originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames as a piece of children's wall decor, the Eames Hang-It-All continues to capture the attention of all ages with its whimsical, yet sophisticated design.

The creation of the Hang-It-All could only come the unique crossroads of where family and modern design meet. Using a design technique that they developed for wire-based tables and chairs, the husband-and-wife design duo, Charles and Ray Eames, applied this to a new faucet of the home: children's wall decor. Although the Eames Hang-It-All was included in a collection for the Tigrett Enterprises Playhouse Division, the real motivation behind its production was a personal one: to provide a touch of whimsy to the homes of Charles and Ray's grandchildren.

Typical of Eames design, the Hang-It-All is simple. The Hang-It-All coat rack is comprised of 14 solid, wooden balls that are used as hooks attached by a spidery base of welded steel wires. The wire frame attaches directly to walls or other surfaces and features a powder-coat finish to provide durability under daily use.

Both the balls and the wired base are available in several different colors. Most popular and playful is the iconic Eames Hang-It-All design that incorporates multicolored balls on white wire. There are also white balls on white wire, maple-on-dark blue, and walnut-on-black Eames Hang-It-All variations.

  • 19.75" W X 6.5" D X 14.5" H
Welded steel with solid maple
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For secure mounting, drywall anchors and screws are included.
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