• Made in USA

Made in the U.S.A.

This U.S. made child biking seat is the product of 6 years of R&D from parents disappointed with the family seating options available for bikers. Looking for a solution to their little passenger's visibility, their own biking balance and safety concerns, the mom and dad team created the i-Bert safe-T-seat. The design is similar in construction to rear-mounted seats, but uses a patented "stinger" system which attaches to your bike in just two minutes. The seat can then be attached to the stinger in 15 seconds. And taking off the seat is just as quick. The New 2012 Model is 2 inches longer than the original design and includes a new padded steering wheel (which doubles as a nap pad), so now your co-pilot can help with the steering (wink wink). All 2012 models include seat with pad, steering wheel, T-bar, ring pin & clip, and hex key for easy installation.

The 2012 safe-T-seat is the most adaptable child carrier on the market today. It fits more bikes than any other front-mounted seat. The design is intended to improve parent-child interaction and provide a better view for your child. Enjoy easier and safer loading and unloading of your child and a better center of gravity for you.

Select original Green or NEW Pink. With the 2012 model, color options are now UV protected.

  • 26" X 14" X 9"; A minimum of 0.75" is needed on the handle bar stem to accommodate the stinger assembly.
The safe-T-seat includes a seat pad, steering wheel, T-bar, ring pin & clip, and hex key. Designed for children ages 12 months to 4 years — with a maximum height of 44" and a maximum recommended weight of 38 lbs. The child must to be able to sit up well and hold the weight of a helmet on his/her head. Not following these guidelines can affect the maneuverability of your bike.
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