The Serveboy Color is sure to add a little color to your outdoor cooking experience. These trolleys are constructed from composite, stainless steel and solid wood, providing sturdiness and a stylish modern aesthetic. The Serveboy Color is endlessly adaptable with the use of several different cooking plates that offer the latest induction and infrared technology. The interchangeable cooking plates (sold separately) are easily interchangeable and offer different options for grilling, wok frying, or teppanyaki styles of cooking. The Serveboy Color trolley is available in the medium "Duo" size, or the more substantial "Ultimo" size.

For cooks in need of one larger cooking plate instead of several smaller ones, the Unico version of the Serveboy Color trolley will fit the bill. Both the Duo and Ultimo sizes feature a Unico version which offers a single, larger cooking space to accommodate the Large Indu+ cooking plates. The Unico variant is compatible with the 600/4 Zone Plate and the 580 Teppanyaki Plate.

Product Features:

  • Cutting board , knife holder and bottle holder included
  • Cooking plates sold separately
  • Use Duo model with two small cook plates and Ultimo with three small plates
  • Duo Unico only compatible with 580 or 600 cook plates, Ultimo Unico uses one large plate and one small plate
  • Requires access to electrical outlet
  • Comes with high-quality waterproof cover
  • Stainless steel casters with ball bearings and brake
  • Cooking plate sockets are waterproof
  • Several optional accessories available separately

  • Duo Model: 39.3"W X 23.6"D X 35.4"H
  • Ultimo Model: 55.1"W X 23.6"D X 35.4"H
Solid walnut, brushed stainless steel, composite top
Cooking plates sold separately. Standard versions of the Duo and Ultimo are only compatible with 400 or 380 cookplates. The Duo Unico is only compatible with the 580 and 600 plates. Ultimo Unico is compatible with all available cookplates. For further assistance selecting your Indu+ Cooking Trolley, please contact our Sales Department at (800)236-9100.
Item Number
001, 002, 004, 005, 006, 007, 009, 010