• Made in USA

Made in the United States by Infinity Drain. The thin design of the FFAS 25 Linear Shower Drain helps to whisk water away from the shower floor while also adding modern appeal. This low-profile drain can be installed almost flush to the ground for a seamless integration into any shower. Made from durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • 1" W X 0.812" H
  • FFAS 2532: 32" grate, 32" channel, and channel insert
  • FFAS 2536: 36" grate, 36" channel, and channel insert
  • FFAS 2542: 42" grate, 42" channel, and channel insert
  • FFAS 2548: 48" grate, 48" channel, and channel insert
  • FFAS 2560: (2) 60" grates, 60" channel, and channel insert
316 Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
FFAS-2532-BK FFAS-2532-PS FFAS-2532-SS FFAS-2532-WH FFAS-2532-SB FFAS-2536-BK FFAS-2536-PS FFAS-2536-SS FFAS-2536-WH FFAS-2536-SB FFAS-2542-BK FFAS-2542-PS FFAS-2542-SS FFAS-2542-WH FFAS-2542-SB FFAS-2548-BK FFAS-2548-PS FFAS-2548-SS FFAS-2548-WH FFAS-2548-SB FFAS-2560-BK FFAS-2560-PS FFAS-2560-SS FFAS-2560-WH FFAS-2560-SB