• Made in USA

Made in the United States by Infinity Drain. The large FFAS 65 Linear Shower Drain is the perfect way to make a statement in modern showers. The long length accommodates larger showers and can be installed flush against the wall. This low profile drain lies flat against the ground for a seamless integration into any shower flooring.
  • 2.5" W X 1.062" H
  • FFAS 6548: 48" grate and 48" channel
  • FFAS 6560: 60" grate and 60" channel
316 Stainless Steel
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Item Number
FFAS-6548-BK FFAS-6548-PS FFAS-6548-SS FFAS-6548-WH FFAS-6548-SB FFAS-6560-BK FFAS-6560-PS FFAS-6560-SS FFAS-6560-WH FFAS-6560-SB