• Made in USA

Made in the United States by Infinity Drain. The small FFAS 65 Linear Shower Drain is the perfect way to make a statement in modern showers. The length works well in small and large showers and can be installed flush against the wall. This stainless steel drain lies flat against the ground for a seamless integration into any shower flooring.
  • 2.5" W X 1.062" H
  • FFAS 6532: 32" grate and 32" channel
  • FFAS 6536: 36" grate and 36" channel
  • FFAS 6542: 42" grate and 42" channel
316 Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
FFAS-6524-BK FFAS-6524-PS FFAS-6524-SS FFAS-6524-WH FFAS-6524-SB FFAS-6532-BK FFAS-6532-PS FFAS-6532-SS FFAS-6532-WH FFAS-6532-SB FFAS-6536-BK FFAS-6536-PS FFAS-6536-SS FFAS-6536-WH FFAS-6536-SB FFAS-6542-BK FFAS-6542-PS FFAS-6542-SS FFAS-6542-WH FFAS-6542-SB