• Made in USA

Made in the United States by Infinity Drain. The TD 20 Tile Drain has all the components you need for a complete drain installation. The tile-in capability integrates this sturdy stainless steel drain with any shower flooring to help conceal it from view. The larger 8? size helps move water away rapidly.
  • 8" W X 8" D X 1.312" H
316 Stainless Steel
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Item Number
TD-20-2A-PS TD-20-2A-SS TD-20-2I-PS TD-20-2I-SS TD-20-2P-PS TD-20-2P-SS TD-20-3A-PS TD-20-3A-SS TD-20-3I-PS TD-20-3I-SS TD-20-3P-PS TD-20-3P-SS