YLiving Inspiration Board: Orange Crush

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Orange Crush

Orange is surely having its moment, and it's a good one. It's said to be an inviting color and able to stimulate enthusiasm, creativity and warmth. It's also a great choice to perk up any space, just like that.

Orange is splashing its color around on a wealth of modern designs-so whether you want to use it in small or heavy doses, you're sure to find accessories and furniture that fit your orange crush.

The vibrant color pairs well with blue (its complimentary color), but also works equally well with pure white and grey tones. If you're looking to go more mid-century, pair it with rich browns, such as walnut.

Some of our favorite orange picks that add kick to any room:

  1. Lucy Chair is the proverbial zany redhead and can add a splash of color both inside and out.
  2. Add a splash of color to Mother Nature with this planter from Architectural Pottery.
  3. Available in vibrant orange, Alessi's Big Love Ice Cream Bowl would make your treat twice as sweet.
  4. Perfect for inside and out, Foscarini Uto Lights come in orange, yellow and white.
  5. Add a warm welcome to your entrance with a Radius Letterman 1 Mailbox.
  6. Mix and match Inhabit's graphic Plinko Pillow and Ailanthus Pillow.
  7. A fun alternative to a real dog, the Magis Puppy is perfect for kids and adults alike.
Lucy Chair
Architectural PotteryAlessi's Big Love Ice Cream Bowl
Foscarini Uto Lights
Radius Letterman 1 Mailbox
Orange Pillows
Magis Puppy