YLiving Inspiration Board: The Power of Pink

Inspiration Board: The Power of Pink
Vibrant. Uplifting. Confident.
There's nothing that packs a punch quite as powerful as the color pink. Chosen as the 2011 color of the year (Pantone 18-2120), bright shades of pink make spaces come to life with energy.
Pink's upbeat and dynamic personality is guaranteed to produce just the right drama in any room, but we prefer to use it in limited doses to make a small — but bold — statement. Adding a pink side chair or ottoman to the mix will create a pop and can easily move from room-to-room. Pink accessories, such as clocks and pillows can add a fun touch with less commitment. If you?re more dedicated to the color, consider adding a pinkish-red wallpaper to a wall, such as Ferm Living?s Fairy Flower WallSmart Wallpaper.
Pink is the perfect complement to a range of hues. Mix it with shades of grey, black, chocolate and navy blue for an ultra-modern feel. Or, use pink accessories to wake up a bright white kitchen or bathroom.
But consider yourself warned — once you start incorporating pink, it can be addictive. After all, it?s the color of love?s first blush.
  1. Frilly Chair
  2. Primary Pouf
  3. Washing-Up Bowl
  4. Queen Chin Salt, Pepper and Spice Grinder
  5. Cube Clock
  6. Fatboy Eetwie
  7. Tiki Stool
  8. Seven Sofa

Frilly Chair
Primary PoufWashing-Up Bowl
Queen Chin Salt, Pepper and Spice Grinder
Cube ClockFatboy Eetwie
Tiki Stool
Seven Sofa

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