The K-Motion Alcove Sliding Shower Door 2 Panel Set is a configurable system of shower doors that will work with alcove as well as corner installations. This advanced shower door closes automatically with the gentlest touch. With an integrated shock-absorbing system, the K-Motion doors close smoothly, quietly and are watertight. Made with glass tempered for strength and coated with Duraclean protective coating, this superior shower door will withstand the test of everyday use with little to no maintenance.

When using the 2 Panel Set in alcove installations choose the door size and a recommended shower base (sold separately). For use in corner installations choose the return panel in addition to the 2 Panel Set and shower base.

Product Features:

  • Installation hardware included
  • Frameless door for corner shower
  • 50 mm (2") adjustment mechanism
  • Integrated damper system
  • 0.314" clear tempered glass
  • Duraclean glass
    • Duraclean is a highly durable water repellent treatment that protects the surface of your shower doors and ensures easy maintenance
  • Reversible door (right or left opening)
  • 24" inside and outside handles
  • Base compatibility:
    • 48" showers: BW1098, BW1095, BW1088, BW1044, or BW1212 shower bases
    • 60" showers: BW1079, BW1096, BW1097, BW1107, or BW1213 shower bases
  • DR1111 (for 48" showers): 27.99" W X 0.314" D X 80.08" H
  • DR1110 (for 48" showers): 17.99-20" W X 0.314" D X 77.913" H
  • DR1108 (for 60" showers): 24-25.984" W X 0.314" D X 77.913" H
  • DR1109 (for 60" showers): 34.01" W X 0.314" D X 80.08" H
  • Door access : 18-20" W x 78" H
Tempered glass, metal frame
Shower base not included.

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Item Number
DR1110-110-003 DR1108-110-003 DR1111-110-003 DR1109-110-003