A part of the Klass Collection. Add sophistication and function to bathrooms of any size with the Klass Rectangular Frameless Alcove Shower Door with Towel Bar. The attractive, sleek design, large ergonomic handles, generous height, and superior construction will instantly modernize master bathrooms. The crystal-clear glass, durable construction, and ultra-smooth pivoting technology make these modern shower doors simply irresistible.

Product Features:

  • Frameless pivot (hinged) door for alcove shower
  • 1.259" adjustment mechanism
  • 0.315" clear tempered glass
  • Right or left door opening
  • Towel bar on fixed panel (exterior)
  • 24" inside and outside handles
  • Base compatibility:
    • 48" showers: BW1098, BW1195, BW1044, BW1192, or BW1088 shower bases
    • 60" showers: BW1079, BW1096, BW1097, BW1107, or BW1213 shower bases
  • DR1083 (for 48" showers): 45.669-46.811" W X 0.315" D X 79.724" H
  • DR1091 (for 60" showers): 57.677-58.818" W X 0.315" D X 79.724" H
Tempered glass, metal frame
Shower base sold separately.

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Item Number
DR1083-110-000-001 DR1083-110-000-002 DR1083-120-000-001 DR1083-120-000-002 DR1091-110-000-001 DR1091-110-000-002 DR1091-120-000-001 DR1091-120-000-002