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Spoon Table is an office folding table characterized by its very light weight and practicality. The structural top is made of honeycomb aluminium and is only 15 mm thick. It has a white laminate finish with a colored edge surfaced with methacrylate that gives depth to its transparency. The thermoplastic legs are a guarantee of sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. The knee closing mechanism was designed to simplify the folding of the top and makes the Spoon Table perfect for living in small spaces and for easy carrying. The leg-locking system requires no tools and works using only a slider eyelet.

  • 4506: 55.1" W X 29.2" D X 28.3" H
  • 4507: 63" W X 31.5" D X 28.3" H
  • 4508: 78.75" W X 35.4" D X 28.3" H
Honeycomb aluminum and melamine laminate top, batch-colored modified polypropylene legs
Item Number
4506 4507 4508