• Made in USA

The 0.5 Inch Pressure Balance Valve by Kohler works behind the scenes to prevent scalding and temperature spikes for comfort. Additionally, the unit features a diaphragm design that basically eliminates freeze-ups from contaminates and water debris. Pair with a compatible trim and this valve will deliver a high-temperature limit stop and an optimal comfort zone, that way a maximum high can be set and then you can find and maintain a desired water temperature.
  • PX: 5.188" Dia. X 2.75" D
  • PS: 6.125" Dia. X 2.75" D
  • UX: 4" Dia. 2.75" D
  • US: 6.125" Dia. X 2.75" D
  • CX: 6.625" Dia. X 2.75" D
  • CS: 8.5" Dia. X 2.75" D
Item Number
304-PX 304-PS 304-UX 304-US 304-CX 304-CS