• Made in USA

The DemiLav Wading Pool Bathroom Sink provides a distinctive and modern style with its delicate, sloping lines and squared-off silhouette, making it a unique and beautiful addition to any luxury bathroom. The shallow basin depth offers a sleek and soft look that is sure to be the focal point of any established motif. Select from a variety of colors to suit your bathroom's aesthetics.
  • 18.25" W X 15.625" D X 7" H
KOHLER® enameled cast iron
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2833-0 2833-NY 2833-20 2833-96 2833-K4 2833-G9 2833-33 2833-47 2833-95 2833-KC 2833-KA 2833-7 2833-KG 2833-58 2833-FD 2833-FT 2833-FF