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Design by Ruud Bos and Sander Mulder.
By Kubikoff.

The Angel Dimple Chair's shell seat is a close relative of the Dimple shell, which was inspired by the alloy seats of vintage race cars, with a minimal but highly ergonomic body combined with a modern vibrant aesthetic. The Angel base is so light, it looks like it could be swept in the breeze. The feet are in transparent polycarbonate, giving the illusion that it is hovering. A touch of originality for an ethereal design, with its feet firmly planted in the ground, and its head in the clouds. The illusion of weightlessness of the Angel base, combines perfectly with the modern design of the seat, inspired by the speed of racing cars. Angel Dimple is an ergonomic, and functional chair, that adds a thrilling touch to any setting.

  • 20.5" W X 23.2" D X 34" H
Polypropylene and fiberglass seat, chromium plated metal legs with polycarbonate feet
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Some assembly required.
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115-KN1-CA-W 115-KN1-CA-C 115-KN1-CA-LG 115-KN1-CA-DG 115-KN1-CA-B 115-KN1-CA-R 115-KN1-CA-OB 115-KN1-CA-M