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Design by Stolt Design and Sander Mulder.

The Dimple Chair shell seat, is a close relative of the Dimple shell, which was inspired by the alloy seats of vintage race cars, with a minimal but highly ergonomic body combined with a modern vibrant aesthetic.The Diamond base is inspired by the facets of a cut diamond, creating a similar play of light. A simply sophisticated piece of furniture, perfect for modern and minimalist settings.The purity of the concept, and the high-quality design, combined with complex lines that create a light and luminous metal structure, creating a modern and sophisticated silhouette. The Diamond Dimple Chair is a real top-seed: comfortable and ergonomic, its design is evocative, out of the ordinary, and certainly doesn't go unnoticed, perfect for someone wanting a touch of contemporaneity and sophisticated originality.

  • 20.5" W X 23.2" D X 34" H
Polypropylene and fiberglass seat, metal structure in chrome/black powder coated finish with metal bolts
Manufacturer Information
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Some assembly required.
Item Number
115-KN2-CH-W 115-KN2-CH-C 115-KN2-CH-LG 115-KN2-CH-DG 115-KN2-CH-B 115-KN2-CH-R 115-KN2-CH-OB 115-KN2-CH-M 115-KN2-B-W 115-KN2-B-C 115-KN2-B-LG 115-KN2-B-DG 115-KN2-B-B 115-KN2-B-R 115-KN2-B-OB 115-KN2-B-M 115-KN2-W-W 115-KN2-W-C 115-KN2-W-LG 115-KN2-W-DG 115-KN2-W-B 115-KN2-W-R 115-KN2-W-OB 115-KN2-W-M