2006 Design by Daniele Lago.
Made in Italy by LAGO.

The Wildwood Air Table from LAGO juxtaposes the alluring natural oak grain with a transparent crystal quality of tempered glass legs. Like mirrors on your wall, the glass legs of the Air Table create visual distance in your dining or work area, opening up your room while providing more usable surface space. Each wildwood top is unique to its natural grain and beautifully time-worn in appearance. The wood slats form a hollow box, supported by an internal wooden frame, keeping the weight of the surface to a minimum without losing the quality of a natural surface. Choose between a natural end finish, or a recessed end capped with a lacquered methacrylate strip.

Product Features:

  • Two extra-clear tempered glass legs, each 1.2 cm thick.
  • Hollow Wooden Top, 8 cm thick.
  • Table ends natural grain finish or retracted lacquered methacrylate glass finish.
  • Additional glass strip colors available. Give us a call for more information: (800) 236-9100

  • 47.25" W X 33.5" D X 30" H
  • 63" W X 33.5" D X 30" H
  • 75" W X 33.5" D X 30" H
  • 86.75" W X 39.5" D X 30" H
  • 98.5" W X 39.5" D X 30" H
Oak panels layered atop internal wooden frame with optional methacrylate table ends. Tempered Glass Legs.
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