2000 Design by Enzo Berti e Carkis Garcua / LAGOSTUDIO
Made in Italy by LAGO.

The double-headed design focus of the Pontaccio Shelf leads this wall-mounted book holder to be as functionally oriented as it is aesthetically appealing. The lower half remains fixed to the wall while the upper half can slide in or out, depending on your aesthetic preference or physical needs. Slide the top in or out as you move objects and books on and off the shelf to fit your spacial desires.

Product Features:

  • Includes one sliding shelf.
  • 11 lbs. max load.
  • Easily extendable.
  • Variety of options in unique LAGO color palate.

  • Shallow Small: 31.5" W X 7" D X 15" H
  • Shallow Medium: 39.5" W X 7" D X 15" H
  • Shallow Large: 47.25" W X 7" D X 15" H
  • Deep Small: 31.5" W X 9.5" D X 15" H
  • Deep Medium: 39.5" W X 9.5" D X 15" H
  • Deep Large: 47.25" W X 9.5" D X 15" H
Lacquered chipboard panel with anodized aluminum sliding mechanism.
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