2002 Design by Daniele Lago.
Made in Italy by LAGO.

Geometric design allows for playful placement of this wall-mounted bookshelf. Create a shelf design in the image of a running man, a dancing man, mountains and valleys, tribal arrows, a traditional sectioned rectangle tangram, etc. The fun patterns one can create are only limited by space and imagination. The design of this shelf was inspired by a Chinese game of constant change, involving a rectangle divided into seven parts. Included are a square, rhomboid, and five isosceles triangles of varying sizes.

Product Features:

  • Includes 1 square, 1 rhomboid, 2 small triangles, 1 medium triangle, and 2 large triangles.
  • 11 lbs. max load per unit.
  • Dynamic Placement and replacement of units.

  • In most compact formation: 33.5" W X 9.5" D X 33.5" H
Wood composite panels with lacquered finish on melamine base, foam rubber sealed backside, and aluminum joints.
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