• Ships to Canada

Designed by Hee Welling, 2015.
Made in Italy by LaPalma.

Like sitting in a carved-out coconut, the open bucket seat of the Auki Lounge Chair provides a sense of relaxation and settling in the office or home. Upholstered with LaPalma's extensive selection of fabrics and leather, the Auki Lounge Chair is an ideal choice for any modern living or waiting room. The cross-base version of Auki allows for swiveling, perfect for group settings where attention is exchanged from person to person, or object to object.

  • 30.75" W X 30" D X 33.75" H
  • Seat Height: 14.25"
Fire-retardant polyurethane foam upholstered in fabric or leather. Swivel base in aluminum.
Item Number
S113NHA S113NHB S113NHC S113NP S113WHA S113WHB S113WHC S113WP S113KHA S113KHB S113KHC S113KP