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Design by Romano Marcato, 2012.
Made in Italy by Lapalma.

Brunch Table System is an innovative and highly functional modular table system sure to fit your modern counter-height table needs. Brunch table tops can be paired with a table leg or fixed upon the wall with the wall fixing plate. To create a larger surface space, combine two table tops together with the linking bar for tops or use the central top element to connect as many as three.

Product Features:

  • Composed of curved honeycomb board and available in several finishes
  • Available in two lengths: 55" or 70.25"
  • Pair with a Brunch Table Leg, Counter Height to create a free standing counter height table
  • Fix table top to a wall with the Brunch Table Wall Fixing Plate
  • Combine two table tops with the Brunch Table Linking Bar For Tops to create a longer table
  • Connect three table tops with the Brunch Table Central Top Element to create a table that extends in three directions
  • 55" W X 27.5" D X 35.5" H
  • 70.75" W X 27.5" D X 35.5" H
Curved honeycomb board in several finishes
Item Number
P110-14 P113-18