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Design by Fabio Bortolani, 2011.
Made in Italy by Lapalma.

Giro Swivel Stool is a modern rendition of a traditional metal stool. Featuring four sturdy metal legs and a stainless steel footrest, the main component of this stool is the screw column attached to the bottom of concave disc-shaped seat, allowing the user to adjust the stool to their desired height simply by turning the seat.

Product Features:

  • Height adjustable stool with screw column
  • 26-30" height range
  • Seat available in curved plywood in several finishes, upholstered in soft leather or in stainless steel
  • 19.75" W X 19.75" D X 26-30" H
Steel frame, stainless steel foot-rest, stained plywood, stainless steel or soft leather seat
Item Number
S106NN S106NP S106WVS S106WW S106WP S106KVS S106KN S106KP S106KK