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Design by Wiebe Teertstra.

The very unique, very polished Tone Index Wall Clock features varying contours that are created by light and not the design of the case. By adjusting your interior lighting (or hanging the clock where it can be exposed to sunlight), you are able to change the entire appearance of the clock. This reaction is caused by the glossy transparent spot varnish that is printed on the matte dial, which causes a ton-sur-ton effect - or varying complementary tones in the clock surface. Select from several tone on tone colors.

All LEFF Amsterdam clocks are hand assembled to create a product that exceeds your expectations in luxury and quality. The materials used in the creation of this product were given careful consideration regarding their carbon footprint and ability to last a lifetime.

If you hear a tick tock, you're not using a LEFF Amsterdam clock. Long live silent timepieces!

  • 13.8" Dia
Any movement or production defects are covered by a 5-year limited warranty. Each clock comes with a service pack, which includes a cleaning cloth, battery and mounting screw.
Item Number
LT16001 LT16002 LT16003